RAC - Telematics

RAC Telematics email was an incredibly large project for the business which I really enjoyed being such a big part of. Telematics works by the customer having a Blackbox installed into their car, which can pick up data from the vehicle including average speeds, efficiency, car faults and much more. The business therefore was keen to create an email to send out to customers with a Blackbox installed on a weekly basis, giving updates on their car data. The design team and I worked very closely with the data team to create an email which showed a very visual, eye catching overview of the data received from the users car. The email includes a huge amount of dynamic sections, pulling in graphics and information personalised to each user.

With lots of trial and error and a very long design and build process, we finished the project on time for the pilot of the telematics box installations, and the emails were a real big success!